Monday, 2 June 2014

Vampire Owls

New animation! Party time!


Vampire Owls isn't anything special. I've wanted to do a vampire-based animation for a while now - and this won't be the last either - and I decided to make it in my revision breaks over the last couple of weeks. Oh yeah, I'm in the middle of my exam period right now. Which isn't fun. At all.

As with pretty much all of my animations, there are some problems with Vampire Owls. My light flicker issue has returned, and though I could remove the worst of it in After Effects, it's still visible now and then. I hope that doesn't detract from the video too much.

And now, for your reading pleasure, here is some additional canon about the world of the vampires that this video is set in. This is also BrickFilm Cinematic Universe material too, so expect the vampires to go genre-bending some time soon, though I'm saving those projects until well after exams have finished.

A relatively young vampire from the south of Italy, Naldo’s greatest regret is losing his accent. The problem was, it used to be so thick that nobody could understand him! Not good, especially if you’re supposed to be threatening mortals. Naldo spends a lot of time outside the vampire realm, in the human world, working with mortal criminals. He is always on the lookout for a new crimelord he can possess. Some of the other members of the Vampire Council believe he is trying to build an army, but that is mere speculation.

Postal Vampire
Nobody knows the Postal Vampire’s real name, and he is as old as the postal tower he inhabits. Though his menagerie of delivery creatures is mostly befitting of vampires - bats and werebats, blackheart dragons and insects - he occasionally hires other creatures, much to his compatriots’ horror. His latest aquisition is Targarioth the Black, a snowy owl who is about as intimidating as a marshmallow. Though he claims that “her speedy of delivery is unparalleled”, the residents of Vampire Town have yet to be convinced.

Blackheart Dragons
Created by dark magic from a dragon egg, beetles’ wings and a Magnus Gem, blackheart dragons are small but fast, agile, and every bit as malicious towards the living as a vampire could want them to be. They are just the right size to carry a single minifigure, have silky black hides and insect wings, and can spit balls of evil, purple lightning from their mouths. Like their vampire masters they are undead, and must feed on animal blood once every two months to survive. They are named after the creator of the first of their kind, an ancient Spanish vampire called Lord Blackheart, who was slain when he dropped a galleon in a ray of sunlight and foolishly bent to pick it up.

That's all for now. I'm going to do a proper post on Avengers Tower soon, and explain a few things about that, and in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this animation!

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