Jam Pot Studios YouTube Channel

Being a filmmaker, my main focus is on YouTube. I do have another account, but I don't really use that one. It's really just a kind of backup account.

This YouTube channel is where I have posted/will post any full video projects. I upload content fairly regularly.

Jam Pot Studios Facebook Page

A relatively new addition to the flock of Jam Pot seagulls is the Facebook page. As many already have done, I intend to use this account to better communicate with any followers I might have on a regular basis, as opposed to every now and then, or whenever I upload a video.

Jam Pot Studios on DeviantArt

Aside from filmmaking, one of my interests is in art. Unfortunately, due to severe conditions such as procastinatoritus, I don't create much, but when I do, this is where I upload it. If you want to be up to date with any concept art, posters, or even web stories that I do, I'd highly recommend following this page.

Jam Pot Studios Twitter

Alas, I have now made a Twitter account, though I'm not yet a regular [twit? tweet? twitterizer? what do you call someone who tweets?]. Just another way you can get in touch with me, if Twitter is your prefered forum.

Jam Pot Studios Flickr Photostream

Flickr's great for just uploading random photos, which I have done a lot of (being a photography-enthusiast).