About Me

Complete overhaul coming soon, this page hasn't been updated in 3 years. -Jack, 15/1/16

General info

I, Jam Pot (that's me) am an amateur director, VFX artist, writer, animator, actor, video editor, sound editor, voice over, and ninja. I'm extremely enthusiastic about film, TV and radio, and am looking to someday work in one, maybe two, or possibly all three of those areas, which would be cool.

For now, I make internet videos. Most of my short films so far have been brickfilms (animations made with LEGO), but I plan to experiment with live-action in the near future.

What software do I use?

To be updated.

What cameras/camcorders do I use?

I shoot both my animations and live-action work on a Nikon D3100, using a variety of lenses, including an 18-55mm VR lens.