Sunday, 3 November 2013

Chima: Stink

In Chima, two wolves find out the hard way that if a skunk does its thing anywhere near your clothes, no amount of soap and water is getting that stink out.

The first in what may be a series of really short Chima videos. It depends.

I did this on and off over the course of, well, today (in between college revision and beating the Elite Four - my starter was Chespin, btw), and guess what? No light flicker! I’ve finally got it all sorted out. So you can now expect more animations. Well, hopefully some half-decent ones at least.

As for Istari Halloween…you may have noticed it’s now November 3rd. Due to problems and more problems, I only have some of it shot, and I’ve had to take the sets apart for another, super-secret project. But never fear! I’m looking at the footage to see if I can rewrite it a little bit and upload what I have into a coherent story. Obviously, it’ll be a lot later than Halloween, but bear with me folks. What else d’you expect from a procrastinating teenager?

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And check out Big Pencil Animations! I’ve been doing some voices for his Ninjago videos. They’re really awesome, so click this link!

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