Sunday, 23 June 2013

An Unexpected Encounter

During a stroll through the forests of Greenwood, a young Saruman has a rather unexpected (and unwanted) encounter with a mysterious being...

The footage is from a few months ago, and I edited it yesterday afternoon when I was already brain-fried from college work, which is partly why it's so bad. The angles are terrible, the quality of some of the shots is terrible, and there's a hideous amount of light flicker. The sound is more than a little bit bad too, since for once I didn't pay it much attention. Still, at least I've finally managed to get something out!

There are lots of internet/meme references in this, and the script was actually quite fun to write. Y'all probably know I'm a Slender-man-fan, and he'll be somewhere in most of my videos from now on. The twenty dollars thing is self-explanatory if you know your Slendy. If not...basically, there's a joke that the reason he haunts people is that he wants twenty dollars.

I'm trying to get a some more videos out, both original ideas (some based in Greek mythology) and some DC, Harry Potter, Marvel and more Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. I really want to imrpove my skills, so be prepared for lots of short videos rather than fewer long ones. And obviously also for the fact that I'm suddenly making videos again.

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